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About me

Hi, I'm shiro.
Web marketer & Web developer based in Tokyo, Japan.


kachibito is is a good resource of informative material for web developers looking for inspiration.

You can also find me elsewhere on the web.

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I'm web developer. I like web development, much more internet.
But, I have intense anxiety.
I just don't like "Social Spam-er".

They are be devoid of malice. Criticize someone without malice, harmless deception, act without malice. That is what dismayed me.

That's a bummer. It's a final banal idiocy.

Personally speaking, I can live without Internet. So, I gave up.
I don't belong anywhere.

What is your favorite word?

Like knows like.

When the word is out, it belongs to another


I found that collecting all the code snippets meant I could easily get at them quickly in the future.

WordPress snippet | jQuery snippet

WP Design Gallery is a collection of the Japanese web sites powered by WordPress.

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